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ECU Remaps Explained

At Outbound 4x4 we rewrite the software on your ECU to safely gain more power and torque from your engine. Whether you drive a petrol or diesel our remaps will put  a smile on your face. Our remaps are ideal if you want more power for overtaking safely or lower mpg and better cruising for motorway driving or you tow a lot and need the added torque for getting up those hills!

What can I expect?

In short a total transformation of every aspect of your vehicles driveability. The engine will be more powerful, torque will be increased flat spots removed and turbo lag reduced. Due to the increased torque from the engine you should also notice a decrease in mpg.

What’s the Installation Procedure?

We connect to the cars ECU via the diagnostics port. We are then able to read the current engine tune file which is then sent to our office and then optimised for your vehicle. Once the file is returned the new remap is loaded into the ECU and the remapping process is complete. Typically this process takes around an hour to complete.

What if my ECU cannot be remapped via the diagnostics socket?

In this case the ECU is removed and sent off to us where a chip change is performed. The end result is exactly the same just the process takes slightly longer.

Can my car really use less fuel when it’s been remapped?

With an ECU  remap your engine will produce more power and importantly more torque. The torque will push your car up to speed more easily requiring less time and revs this in turn will safe fuel and provide an increase mpg.

Why Don’t the vehicle manufactures do this?

When a manufacturer designs a new vehicle there are a number of factors they must consider. As with most cars produced they will be sold over numerous  markets spanning many countries, differing emission regulations, climates and fuel qualities. Because of this manufactures effectively dull back the engines performance to cover the differences in the vehicles operating environment. Here in the UK we have very good fuel quality and a mild temperate climate and because of this our remaps can take advantage of this.
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