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Now availabe full range of Land Rover LED Work Lamps & Land Rover LED Spot Lights

Posted - 05:25 14 October 2013 by Outbound 4x4
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We now have a range of new LED Work Lamps available for Land Rover and other 4x4 vehicles. In addition we also have a number of LED spot lights and off-road LED Light Bars.

defender -led-work-lights.jpgLED Work Lamps and spot lights have a number of advantages over their halogen predecessors. LED's produce a much whiter light than a halogen bulb and use a lot less power at the same time. Typically an LED bulb will use 25% or less power than an equivalent  filament bulb. In the real world as an example you could therefore  run 4 LED spot lights on the roof of your Land Rover for the same power consumption that one traditional halogen light would have used. This in turn puts less load on your alternator and means your wiring doesn't have to be anywhere near as heavy duty. LED's last much longer than a filament bulb with a normal LED lasting as long as 30,000 - 50,000 hours which is much longer than a typical bulb!

When looking for LED Work Lights for your vehicle pay attention to the beam angle stated, some are very narrow and others are very wide. For example a dedicated work lamp will have a beam angle or approximately 60 degrees and will be ideally suited for use on the back of your Land Rover. A work lamp with a beam angle of less than 30  degrees  is more at home perhaps on your Defenders roll cage or light bar playing a spot light role.

To see our range of Land Rover LED Work Lights or Land Rover LED Light Bars we have, please see the following links:

Land Rover LED Work Lamps
Land Rover LED Light Bars

Our LED light products are suitable for Defender, Discoveries, competition vehicles and most 4x4 vehicles.

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