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Land Rover Defender twin Daytime Running Light (DRL) and Driving Light front bumpers available

Posted - 04:58 03 February 2014 by Outbound 4x4
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For a while now we have been selling kits to fit a pair of DRL's or Driving Lights to a Defender front bumper, which has been a great success. Due to a simple but clever design of our 'Light-Pod' the mounting system for our lights we have been able to put together a comprehensive kit and instructions that allow the fitment of two pairs of lights to any standard Land Rover front bumper.

We believe our product to be superior to any others on the market due to its elegant design that simultaneously protects the lights, smart LED and halogen lights and more importantly the mounting system that won't rust and can be fitted to any existing Land Rover bumper. In addition our lights and mounting system can easily be removed should you bumper become damaged and then be refitted to a new bumper. Not only this we are the only company to produce a DIY Double Defender Bumper Light kit offering huge savings over existing products.

The Land Rover Twin Bumper Light Kit allows you to specify what lights you want, whether it be 4 DRL's or 2 DRL's and a pair of halogen driving lights the choice is yours. If you don't fancy fitting the kits we also sell a complete ready to fit Defender Dual Light bumper.

So if you want the unique look for your Defender that the twin bumper lights creates either give us a call on 0800 043 0028 or view the following links:



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