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Introducing Light-Pod our Defender DRL bumper and DIY kit

Posted - 07:51 09 January 2013 by Outbound 4x4
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As of February 2011 DRLs have become a mandatory fitting to all new type approved passenger vehicles. However I'm sure many of you know that due to its commercial vehicle classification the Land Rover Defender does not by law require daytime running lights and consequently Land Rover does not fit them. Now this being said it's not against the law to fit them and not only do they aid safety by increasing your vehicles visibility on road but many would argue they make any vehicle look more modern.

It stands to reason then that there are a number of offerings available on the market at this time. Having looked at many of them we noticed that few if any are in keeping with the Defender styling. For example most utilise oblong lights opposed to round style lights as used throughout the vehicle and are crudely placed within the bumper with little to no thought for aesthetics.


drl-closeup.jpgWe wanted to develop a Land Rover Defender daytime running light bumper styled to look as if it had come straight from Land Rover. So we created Light-Pod, an all in universal light bracket that is inserted into any standard Defender bumper. Designed to be sleek, with a counter sunk design and click and lock mechanism. Boasting 2 round 4 watt DRLs with auto switch on and 'see me to my door' features. 



light pods.jpgNot only do we think we designed the nicest looking Defender DRL bumper currently available but we created the first DIY DRL kit at the same time. Light-Pod can be purchased as a complete ready to go front bumper or as a kit for you to fit to your existing Land Rover bumper negating the need to replace your bumper. The kit is offered at a reduced price over the bumper and only requires two 80mm holes drilling beforehand which is easily done with the supplied drilling templates and detailed instructions.


light pods spots.jpgLight-Pod can not only be used to house daytime running lights but we also offer the same kit with powerful 55watt halogen spot / driving lights. That provide a longer distance beam for safer driving and are a nice addition to any Defender.

For more information or to purchase please visit:


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